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The Historical Society of the Latter-Day Saints of Texas was established to publish the history of the Latter-day Saints in the state of Texas. 
          Beginning with the arrival of Lyman Wight in 1847, the Church of Jesus Christ, whether RLDS, LDS or  any of the other factions, has been present in Texas in Missions, Branches, Districts, Wards, and Stakes.
          The Historical Society met in a formal meeting at the Marlin Restoration Branch in Marlin, Texas on March 16, 2002.  Several key issues were addressed:

                                                  1. Define the Project
                                                  2. Feasibility of the Project
                                                  3. Participants in the Project
                                                  4. Best Method of Accomplishing the Project
                                                  5. Timeline of the Project
          The meeting was well attended and the committee agreed that the project as defined was feasable and should begin immediately. 

The Project: Publish a History of the Church of Jesus Christ as it pertains to the State of Texas.  The publication would be divided into two volumes, Volume One being the History from 1840's to the 1940's and Volume Two being the history from 1950's to the present.  It was further resolved that since the church was established there have been several factions of the church, that the project would pertain to the Reorganized Church with references and material pertaining to other factions being included when pertinent.

Feasability: It was determined by the committee that the project itself was a feasable one and that there were numerous sources and resources available to complete the project.

Participants: Attending the Kick-off Meeting were: Fred and Eddie Van Cleave, Billy Gene Walker, Ann Renfroe, Charles and June Renfroe, Bobby and Peggy Norcross, Thomas Blann, Joshua Blann, Deloris Branch , Janette Fairman and David Norcross.

The committee was established with the following offices:
                              Chairman - David Norcross
                              Secratary - Eddie  Van Cleave

A list of contacts was also developed for restoration branches across the state as well as many that have moved out of the area.

Best Method: The project was placed before the committee to determine the best method of accomplishing the tasks.  The committee agreed that there were many avenues which needed to be explored.  These included research libraries, Church Publications, published history and interviews.  The committee also agreed to establish a web page for the Historical Society along with email and possible e-group.  We will be looking for volunteers as well as working with the various branches and contacts for obtaining information.

Timeline - The committee agreed that the timeline for the project would not be known at this time but will publish at a later time.
Do You Have Information you would like to share?
We would love to hear from you.
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